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Integration of the intercultural dimension and awareness into business activity

From La Classe to Your Business

Just couple of examples:

* Dolce Gabbana advertised in China by showing how a Chinese woman tries to eat pizza with chopsticks.

* Eyeglasses were advertised in Thailand by cute animals wearing them. No self respecting Thai would wear anything worn by animals as they are considered to be a form of low life.


* The Archbishop of Canterbury told that Old world will become a New world on the Royal wedding in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.


* The Israely chef made a dessert in a form of a shoe for the Japanese Prime Minister.

And couple of facts:

1.Cross culture helps to make business more effectively.


2. 70% of international businesses are crushed because of cross cultural misunderstanding;


3. Cross cultural expert is a profession;


4. There is no Hospitality without cultural awareness;


5. It doesn’t affect the Identity of your brand. You stay yourself;


6. We should not leave the business process to a chance. It’s too expensive.