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Leonardo and La Classe

If you think organizing a dinner party is a straightforward task, perhaps the story of Leonardo Da Vinci's tenure at the court of Lodovico Moro will change your perspective.

Leonardo, renowned for his artistic genius, was also tasked with organizing parties and events for the Duke. What started as a singular assignment soon became a regular responsibility spanning 13 years. He meticulously crafted street decorations, adorned city squares, designed castle interiors, and mastered the art of table setting and decorations.

One of Leonardo's iconic works, "The Last Supper," commissioned by Lodovico Sforza in 1495, exemplifies his mastery of composition and detail. Unlike previous interpretations, Leonardo placed all thirteen figures, including Judas, together at the table, a departure from tradition that showcased his innovative approach.

Beyond painting, Leonardo's passion for detail extended to gastronomy and table setting. He enriched the depiction of the Last Supper with intricate details of the meal and table arrangements, reflecting his keen interest in culinary aesthetics.

Notably, Leonardo's artistic brilliance also graced the portrait of Mona Lisa, where he employed music and jesters to maintain her cheerful demeanor during sittings, ensuring an authentic portrayal of her beauty.

In celebrating Leonardo's multifaceted talents, La Classe invites you to explore the art of table etiquette through our exclusive classes. Learn the intricacies of table setting, placement, and service, and indulge in a pursuit worthy of a genius.

With every good wish,

La Classe Team


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