Cross-cultural Octopus Propoganda

The first such image was the old map of the cartoonist Fred W. Rose, which he drew in 1877 at the height of the Russian-Turkish war. Russia is shown in the form of an octopus pulling its tentacles at different ends of the globe. Thus, the author consciously depicts Russia as something monstrous and alien, because the rest of the countries and nations are shown on the map, perhaps in different ways, but all in the form of people.

Another example is the old map of 1904, published in the magazine Puck. It depicts the oil company Standard Oil in the form of an octopus, stifling the US Government.

This is an old map (poster) of 1940, created in the German-occupied France. It shows Winston Churchill as a huge octopus with a cigar in his mouth. His bleeding “appendages” symbolize the defeat of the British troops in various theaters of operations.

This old 1904 map, created by the propaganda department of the Japanese army, depicts a flabby octopus (Russia) with tentacles that are slowly but surely spreading around the world.

And this old map of 1944, in which the “rising sun” suddenly turns into a greedy octopus, whose tentacles dig into the islands of the West Indies, a former Dutch colony. This card was issued in London in an edition of 10,000 copies for the Netherlands government in exile.

“Freedom of the seas”. Map of an unknown German author in 1918. Britain in the form of an octopus threatens “sea freedom”. Its tentacles stretch to three dozen different places on the planet in which Britain had its own interests or colonies.

The map “Private land ownership causes unemployment” (1909). Octopus, of course, denounces “private land tenure” (Landlordism), which stifles London. Although the land belonging to the royal family, for some reason did not fall on the map among those.

The old 1942 octopus dollar card issued by the Nazis in the Netherlands for anti-American propaganda depicts the United States as an octopus pulling tentacles in all directions.

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