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Soft Skills coaching with La Classe Hospitality Cards

New and unique Training Method from La Classe is now available to order. These cards are designed for training, coaching, business games: It can be used for the diagnosis of psychological strategies for the implementation of professional competencies. Training is intended for: * hospitality professionals (hotels, restaurants); * business coaches; * luxury retail; * HR managers; * executives.

Some simplest examples of how does it work.

Think about your professional field. Shuffle the deck, put it face down on the table. Pull out 3 cards in the blind. Listen to yourself: What feelings and thoughts does it have for you? How does this card image relate to your real life? And create a story around the Card idea and illustration. 1. What is happening in my professional field? 2. How this particular soft skill can help me to be more successfull in what I’d like to reach? 3. Why is it important in my profession?

Pass the story to the group and discuss it.

Explore each Soft Skill Card. Reflect on potential resources based on working with it.

Cards are available at www.monacolaclasse.com or +377 93 30 02 33 You can order either Hospitality Cards, Either half day Coaching Session with Ana Antares, the creator and director of the project.

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