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Junliang Ma, Universal map of China, 1797-1800

Это текст поста. Используйте блог, чтобы построить доверительные отношения с клиентами, CHINA is the center of the World for many Chinese people even today.

This old world map was created in China at the end of the 18th or the very beginning of the 19th century. Many cartographers around the world depicted their country in the center of the old maps they drew. But the inhabitants of the Middle Empire, as the Chinese called their country, of course, surpassed everyone.

This is exactly the map of the WORLD, and not of CHINA, as it may seem at the beginning. Seventeen Chinese provinces are shown in the center of the map, but there was a place on it for the rest of the world: for example, a thin layer of unexpanded lands and islands in the upper left corner is Europe. The rest of the world is also shown impossible far, mystical and exotic (in place of Brazil, for example, it says “The Land of Cannibals”).

In the provinces of China, cities and villages are shown. Simple symbols depict rivers, mountains, the Great Wall and the Gobi Desert.

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