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50 shades of Culture

The first layer, of course, is national. Everyone understands that Russian and Chinese will never be identical in their cultural code.

The second is the regional factor. Someone being born and raised in Marseille and in Paris can have a slightly different vision of the world.

The third, professional (and even corporate) layer, which is important. Suppose a person works in the hospitality sector at the Ritz Hotel, for example, in London. Tomorrow he will meet a parisien Mandarin employee. Probably, it will be easier for them to understand each other in the framework of one profession which hones the personality, than as for a banker from England and a pastry chef from France.

Gender, may everyone forgive me, is important. Especially within the framework of cultures, such as Arabic, Asian. Even in the simple promotion, it is useful to know how masculine or feminine culture is, who makes the shopping decision, whom to appeal to. If we are talking about Saudi Arabia, then we likely need to appeal to the family, in Latin countries highly likely to the man.

The class layer is extremely important. French, English, Russian aristocrats sitting together in the Whites club will understand each other. They will feel an identity that is perhaps even more serious than interethnic identity.

The religious layer of culture. I think this is not even worth explaining. Let’s look Russia. Did you know that Chechnya is a part of it? One country, so different vision of the world through the prism of religion.

The generational layer of culture and, of course, personal. Each individual is unique. In the World, let’s us say, we have 7,8-billion cultural codes (C) La Classe.

Culture is multi-layered and, considering cross-cultural issues, this should be taken into account, in order to avoid indiscriminate groaning and banal stereotyping.

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