And pray who are the Tutors? Emotional and other types of intelligences

In the 21st century, and this is obvious, our brain works differently.

And the tutor of the new formation is a huge problem that can not be avoided. We can not turn away and pretend that there is nothing to discuss.

The problem exist, its scales are large and everyone understands, that something needs to be changed.

As a tutor should play a different role, so the lesson itself must be built differently. Well what’s the point in the time of «ok Google» retell the book?

A quick conclusion could be drawn. Let them be online courses cause we do not need mediocre teachers, which are still dumber than Google. And who will educate?

Teacher is the one who spreads the culture, antivirus, if you want. The computer is not capable to do this.

It is deferred to be a master and a disciple.

It’s a personal thing.

There must be very good teachers. Others are not needed. But where can I get them?

An answer. We need an another type of professionalism. It should be young people who are interested and passioned. I’m not saying that all the old ones need to be kicked out. Among them there are extremely talented people, from whom it is necessary to blow off dust («to blow off dust» is a russian expression which is equivalent to take care with triple attention).

Now we live in the time of a huge speed of thought, all the information is on the Internet. What the teachers need to develop in themselves is emotional intelligence. If they are still going to be the leading species on this planet, and not give everything to artificial intelligence, then our only clue is emotional intelligence, this is art of all kinds, this is something that the machine can not compete with yet. Therefore, the hopes are in the humanitarian sphere.

I saw so many tutors without hobbies and interests in life, not sensible to the music, but quite capable to read books, articles and use these materials without any references to avoid competitors. And here is what I think. It will not help. Develop talents, colleagues.

The teacher should be talented and passioned.

Faithfully Yours,

La Classe team


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