Easy steps to win your client during Coronavirus

Coronavirus is an "infodemie" - so, info, please

Emailing with explanation of your concerns, measures, procedures, actions and benevolence. (This is an infodemieand the only way to win it and keep your customers is to participate now. Media is spreading the news and brain of everyone is constantly demanding more and more. Enter into this media activity. Send a long and prosper but caring email to your customers. Don’t forget, it should be human and well structured more than beautiful this time.

Painful to be generous? Think further. React today

During the crisis, companies lose too much money and have two ways: try to get at least what they do have right to get (upon the cancellation policy for example) and loses this customer forever or to be painfully generous and gain this customer back when the crisis will be finished.

Attracting each new customer costs the company six to seven times more expensive than maintaining one existing.

Make visible efforts, improve your service

There are still a few people who go to the restaurants and choice criteria has been changed. Customer today wants to be in the place where serving staff will make visible efforts to serve him the excellent way. When restaurants are half empty (or half full?) guest understands that the level of attention should be increased with minimum interaction of course.

Train yourself and your staff with your own facilities or use www.monacolaclasse.com online services.

Go digital and make a social contribution

Communicate with your customer through Instagram, business magazines (yes, it will be free if you propose an up-to-date article), create certificates, use all possible tools.

And don't forget the social contribution. Here is ours.

Self-Presentation, Communication skills, Soft Skills, Work with an Angry Customer: La Classe gives online ZOOM 15 minutes sensibilisation with the chief of the department absolutely free of charge.

Like in natural disaster - social contribution can be different: some taxi drivers will triple the price, but some of them will save lives and stay human.

La Classe is there to support communication, marketing and training departments. Now is the best time to improve the service and gain in a very close future.

Use this chance

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