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Emotional intelligence in conflict management and customer relations.

Emotional intelligence in conflict management is a mixture of science, skills and art.

Being able to predict customers’ emotions and target these customers accordingly is useful for personalized services. Private traits and behavior are highly predictable and related to peoples’ preferences in multiple domains. Recognizing personality traits can help us to satisfy our customer better and gain repeat business.

Many times I’ve heard the rule of hospitality professionals: If customer is unsatisfied – accept it with gratitude first and express how sorry you are — second.

And if your customer is one of millions of people with antisocial personality disorder or narcissist disorder?

I have a comment here. The basic judgement on your staff member by angry client is: If this staff member is weak or strong? If he is weak, angry customer will press him down till the end with cruelty and manipulation. And that’s what’s going to happen when your team member pleasantly say: “Thank you for your feedback, Madame, we are so sorry”, when she (or he, or unknown gender client) is shoving verbal abuse in high tone at the reception desk.

How to deal with it without losing face and taking the weak position? One of the most genius tactics – is a good rapport. “We are also shocked by this situation. And we also can get annoyed”.

Active, out loud, on one breath, team member starts leading unsatisfied client to the constructive decision in one long sentence getting to be more and more adequate and calm.

Think about without going that far, on your own example. Let’s agree, that we should not approach dissociative customer with highly dominated emotion of joy. It can irritate him even more. But we can use the nuances of emotions to identify personality and to serve better.

That’s what we are calling the new level of intuition at La Classe. But we are tricking. Because this is not an intuition or assumption, this is a proven technology based on evidence.

The ability to recognize an emotion is a half way. The aim is to switch a person from one emotion to another quickly and effectively.


If client is unsatisfied or angry, then it is better to switch him into a calm mode. Like this, he will leave with a positive opinion about the Hotel. To do this, we need to talk about goals, ask for advice and focus on the present.

After, from the calm peace of mind, we can transfer the client into a state of joy. To do this, it is necessary to intensify, detail, involve and suggest solutions.

Here is the perfect training tool to understand and recognise the emotions of your client. And you can also participate in the research.

La Classe offers a broad range of exclusive and innovative training sessions based on “le savoir-faire Monégasque”, ethnic psychology and human diversities (like LGTB welcoming) that leads to the new level of intuition and individualization of service.

During the training sessions, we play games and communicate into group with real life examples for your staff rather than theory.

The customer process includes convenient assistance, such as possibility of video recording of the training. We offer confidentiality, unparalleled personalized approach and flexible payment conditions. Some trainings can be delivered online and have no analogs in the world.

La Classe experience combines luxury and excellent presentation, evaluation and following up free of charge.

Try it and see how much can you surprise yourself.

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