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Emotions and Personality in Client Relations.

How to use the nuances of emotions to identify personality and to serve better.

Very interesting analytics we’ve read in the scientific report by Dr. Kosinski and the company, which is called “How are you doing? Emotions and Personality in Facebook”.

They’ve analyzed over one million of FB statuses and here are brief conclusions which we can use in our hospitality business:

1 – Female users are more emotional ;

2 — From Friday the probability of emotion decreases ;

3 – People post about emotions less frequently in summer ;

4 – In December people share more positive feelings ;

5 – People with open personality express more than neurotics.

But what was a surprise for me that :

1 – Older users share their emotions more often than young.

Private traits and behavior are predictable from digital records. One of Russian Airports is using digital profiling on the border. In China new generation of CCTV rates almost every member of the society. So, why not to use it for the good in hospitality services?

There are shops in Moscow with the system of face recognition. When customer enters the shop, this system gives a profile of this customer into iPad of sales person with the tips :

Name (if it is not a new customer) ;Interests ;What emotion and approach should personnel use to this customer.

Because we should not approach dissociative person with highly dominated emotion of joy. We can use the nuances of emotions to identify personality and to serve better. That’s what we are calling new level of intuition at La Classe.

Being able to predict customers’ emotions and target these customers accordingly is useful for personalized services. Personality types are highly related to peoples’ preferences in multiple domains. And recognizing personality traits can help us to satisfy our customer better.

At La Classe we are teaching not only to recognize an emotion, we give tools to switch a person from one to another.


If your client is unsatisfied and saddened, then you’d better switch him into a calm mode. Like this, he will leave with a positive opinion about your hotel. To do this, you need to talk about goals, ask for advice and focus on the present.

After, from the calm peace of mind, you can transfer the client into a state of joy. To do this, it is necessary to intensify, detail, involve and suggest solutions.

We are trying to construct all our hospitality programs on Multicultural issues and personal approach. During the class, we play games and communicate into group.

Try it and look how much can you surprise yourself.

Lo learn more about this program, contact us at +377 93 30 02 33


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