Even if you use the service of floral designers — it’s better to know it!

Even if you use the service of floral designers which bring you composed bouquets, sometimes you still must rearrange them.

First, please, be aware of cultural differences and tastes of the employers. If you work for Chinese – 2 flowers in one vase on the table will be quite acceptable. But not white ones.

If you work for Russians – remember – any quantity, but un-pair. And please, that shouldn’t be yellow tulips or yellow roses. These two cultures have much more superstitions than others as they are high context cultures and reading the signs and between the lines is the issue.

Once, while consulting 4-star hotel in Monaco in the middle of a high season we’ve asked managers three times to change the quantity of flowers they put in the lavatory rooms. They’ve reacted only after comments of guests. Now they put one red flower, which is quite acceptable with every culture and helps them to save money on top of it.

Arrangements can be different. You can bring the season on the table. In summer that can be blue stones, summer fruits, in autumn – autumn leaves, berries, in winter – woods and snowflakes etc.

Don’t be to in a hurry to throughout all the green delivered with flowers. With large leaves, you can wrap a vase.

The main thing, don’t be over creative. Sometimes, “naked” flowers in the transparent vase is the best solution. You should understand:

If you make the composition for the dining table – it shouldn’t be high to communicate through it;It should match china and table setting;If it is a formal dinner – the colors on the table should not exceed three, including bouquet;It should be extremely fresh;It shouldn’t smell (at least more than food and wine);It shouldn’t be damaged by candles when they will be alighted. Its preferable to use candles without smell also on the table;The textures and solidity should match the season;It should be posed symmetrically or, if it is your idea, ensemble should be “readable enough” and do not pose questions.

If the bouquet is composed for a while for the sitting room – don’t forget:

To cut the flowers to achieve harmony with the size of the vase;If roses — cut the stem with a sharp knife or and ideally — a pruner;To increase the suction surface, you can also split or crush the tip of the stem;Bouquet can be big, dominant, have a visual weight;It should complete to the design of the room;It shouldn’t smell a lot (we do not suggest lilies, until your employer asked you);Be aware you put them in the clean warm water and change it every day;Be aware vase contains no your finger marks. Wipe it thoroughly after posing.

Creating a flower composition is an art and for sure, you can achieve a lot by joining Garden Club in Monaco, that’s where ladies do it.

If you are not a lady or you need some brief hands on master-class with professional floral-designer, you can call La Classe at +377 93 30 02 33 and make in groups or individually in Monaco.

With every good wish,

La Classe team


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