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Facial cues to social class

This article is not about the ontological status, nor the status in the system of Being, this is even not about linguistic sociology which now we are able to fake (don’t tell it to Nancy Mitford).

Very interesting study I’ve read today. It’s in the attachment. Most of the people read the level of income in the face of interlocutor unconsciously in 0,15 or smth seconds and do it correctly.

“How can I recognize VVIP?” – me, personally, in my practice I hear this question quite often. People have worries that VVIP today are not concerned too much about their look and outfit, which is sadly and which is truth. But still, the answer is in the research. My point of view is proven – listen to your brain (heart, if you want).

Secondly, it concerns all of us. Higher class impression – better perception by the client, whenever you are a CEO in negotiations, or a waiter interested in nice tips. Or a better chance for the employment.

More positive impression (I don’t speak about smile) – the higher is amount. People who display more positive affect may appear higher class from those who express less positive affect.

Briefly, markers of higher status is — attractiveness, less tension in face muscles, presence of light signs of the emotion of joy. I was surprised that lips separately gave more accurate results than eyes. Here I have a theory, that lips don’t give you a feedback as eyes is a source of aggressive information.

My dear friends from SPA business — And now, play on. Just think about, how wealth related on wealth being and use it.

And me, I’m going to make some facial gymnastics and skin hydration now – as they are our best friends. Quite an entertaining article which we, hospitality professionals, can use quite successfully.

Try it and see how much can you surprise yourself.

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