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Hôtel de Crillon — The Parisian Palace. Happy to become the Part of the Family

It started in 1758, when Louis XV ordered his architect Jacques-Ange Gabriel, the realization of two identical facades on both sides of the rue Royale in the «Louis XV» place.

In 1788, François Félix de Crillon, 4th Duc de Crillon, gave his name to the Hotel.

From March 11, 1909, the Hotel de Crillon is the first big «prestige hotel» in Paris with an exceptional location, luxurious comfort and a reputation that has attracted over the years the preference of the Crowns and heads of states.

Today, after four years of renovation, with the participation of Richard Martinet and Karl Lagerfeld we can visit Paris and feel the sense of staying in Palace. Baccarat crystal, Christofle silver, marble fountains from the Palace of Versailles, the ultimate sense of luxury.

But the most attractive, as we know, is not gold, and not a supreme leather. Is a human touch, personalized service, care and attention. It is wonderful, when you receive a wake-up call from your Butler, who wishes you a wonderful day and show care by saying that it is 8 degrees today, a bit cold in Paris, but the sun is shining bright! It is awesome to find yourself near the big piano, enjoying the Parisian fashion week atmosphere with a crystal glass of pink champagne. It is a pleasure when 360 members of a staff, the beautiful team is occupied with the anticipation of your every wish, are making you happy, making you feel that it is actually Your Palace, making you feel at home.

La Classe is grateful for the honor to be the Part of the Hôtel de Crillon Family, to work with the team members and share our savior-faire.

We recommend the Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel to our guests and clients and look forward to continuing our beautiful experience.


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