Hospitality language and communication culture

Professor Chomsky expresses an interesting thought. Language is not a means of communication, but a means of thinking. Mr. Lewis, from whom I have the honor to learn to teach, without even realizing it, partially confirms this idea. He has a huge theory that says that the method by which our language is built determines our way of thinking.

Let’s simplify these brilliant thoughts as much as possible in order to apply them in practice. Why is the Morse code a better means of communication than language? So that the knock can not be interpreted in two ways.

Each person has his own picture of the perception of the world and every second gigabytes of information enters our brain, which are encoded, filtered and get the final form. We omit much, we lose, we interpret, in order to get the ball, the cucumber, the first room on the right.

«Forgive me, the first from which end of the corridor?»

These are elementary things. For example, the fact that the culture of communication involves providing an encyclopedic reference, in order not to mislead or embarrass a person.

«Just tomorrow in Paris, Robbie Williams’ concert, Madame. This is a popular British singer, the author of hits Angels, Feel, the owner of the largest number of Brit awards in the history of the award. Do you want me to check the availability of tickets for you? «.

How many times have you lost on the way to the lavatory room, after you were told that this room is located, there, around the corner, right after the elevator? And did you ask three more persons on your way?

So, I rarely find myself in a situation where an employee is able to adequately express an idea so that it reflects not only his own picture of the world.

In La Classe we learn to communicate with the client and it takes up the bulk of the course.

The same book means anything. For millions of people, it will mean completely different things.

One famous anthropologist said: the 21st century will be the century of humanitarian knowledge, or it will not exist at all.

We learn the language of hospitality, which helps to structure the world, to structure communication with the client and to avoid misunderstanding. This is not a cognitive science — it is a culture of communication.

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