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Hospitality Standard - Bespoke Corporate Culture of Your Service

La Classe designed and developed World Cup Hospitality Standard for Russian Federation upon which further we’ve trained more than 960 persons.

Unlimited quantity used it in application.

Watch the video to learn more about this type of service.  https://youtu.be/Q6uKr_gmjCg

The best hospitality professionals of La Classe are at your disposal to design, put on paper and edit your bespoke operational hospitality standard.

1 - This is the only tool for a successfull training of unlimited quantity of your team members in the future.

2 - This is the best tool for a quality control.

3 - This is the necessary tool for everyone to follow, preserve and perform the CONCERT of Service.

You decide what topics will be covered inside of your Hospitality book or we inspect and propose our vision.

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