How often do you, as a General Manager of the Hotel, take a look or even use the SPA facilities

Today, I have a new question. How often do you, as a General Manager of the Hotel, take a look or even use the SPA facilities at your Hotel?

The thing is that SPA are sometimes considered as something separated, but not for the customer. And this can be a hidden “trigger point” of the whole thing.

Why is it necessary to visit your SPA?

First of all, that should be a pleasure and time to relax. Take this time as a meeting with your health. You can afford.

The second thing, you can learn something new about the service in your organization.

When in London, I really love to stay at 5 star hotel near Whitehall. I prefer not to tell the name.

This hotel is different. Ultimate and sustainable hospitality, perfect reception, service, Sunday champagne Brunches and English Afternoon tea — they have everything one needs as a client.

That’s why I’m a frequent customer there and each time the first thing I use – is SPA.

Believe it or not, three times after my massage I’ve tried to buy a set of creams and serums for face. As a woman, I need 2 serums and 2 creams, we do face and eyes separately.

And what do you think? I can’t accomplish this mission. Ladies at the reception of this SPA are hopeless. They are not capable to learn the products they should sell.

All three times noone can advice me. If I give her a description of my need – she doesn’t know how does it look like or where can she find it from the range of 20 bottles in a window.

And I’m leaving.

“That’s the SPA who loose money” – you will say.

“But that’s the Hotel, who loose the mood of its client” – I will reply. New creams give you desire to have a glass of champagne, but such an experience is more about having tea from minibar.

The third piont, why you should absolutely visit your SPA is that I suggest you to have a clients experience.

Would you feel comphortable if your french SPA receptionist in the centre of Paris will go down on her knees and take off your shoes. She is adopting Asian style of service (Which is perfectly fine when in Hong Kong) like they do in most of European SPA now. Just try it. Would you like it?

“That’s the work of SPA manager” – you will say.

“Perfect” – I will reply and think that you don’t really care. I’m sure that you do. And that’s the only reason why I’m asking you now: book a massage now and share your experience in comments!

Thank you.

Faithfully Yours,

La Classe team


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