How to check your staff agency and what questions to ask them?

If you use temporary staff agency, it is necessary to understand if they are reliable.

La Classe Hospitality training services recommends you first to check their license. Which is obviously doesn’t concern Monaco. If you come to the office of staff agency in Monaco – you can feel secure at this point at least.

During your visit pay attention, if offices and equipment are in good order. At this point we can give you Elit Interim as a good example. Staff members are professional in dealing with the client and office is clean and working.

References from some of their clients are essential. If you’ve found them through Yellow pages, don’t be shy to check this point directly at the meeting or even before.

Don’t forget to ascertain if they will replace employee free of charge if he is not apt to his position. You can find it soon after the beginning. In this case, the second option is to call La Classe training. Our specialist will come and teach your staff at your place according to your standards.

You should clearly understand the price of the employee (who will be paid by the agency) and their fee. You can always tip your staff when they perform a great invisible job for you.

Candidates for the job absolutely should be:

InsuredHave list of qualifications added to their CVHave References, checked by this agency

Ask your agency about this last point and get to know, if they provide white glows and uniforms and what’s the conditions for extra hours if you need it.

Normally, when new staff arrives – you are busy enough and have no time to explain all the particularities and mode of cleaning, wrapping, decorating and table setting.

Here we are to help you.

We will make you feel that temporary staff can be as performant as full time staff, even if they come once or three times a week.

Try it and see how much can you surprise yourself.

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