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La Classe linguistic intolerance support

The Right Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg's started at his new position with unexpected mesure: the guidance with language rules has been shared with officials in his new office.

First, all non-titled males will use the suffix Esq.

People of his cabinet will stop using words such as “hopefully” and "very".

"Due to”





are no more accepted.

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg’s aides also barred the use of “lot”, “got” and “I am pleased to learn”.

In a call for accuracy contained in his list, staff were told: “CHECK your work.”

Other directions include a call for a double space after full stops and no comma after the word “and”.

Staff should avoid “too many ‘Is’” in their writing, Rees-Mogg’s team has ordered, and he would neither “note/understand your concerns”, nor would he welcome calls to “invest (in schools, etc)”. Moreover, the phrase “no longer fit for purpose” has been deemed no longer fit for purpose.

The Right Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg is an Old Etonian, has cultivated a reputation for formality and upper-class eccentricity, gaining the nickname the “honourable member for the 18th century”.

Without touching the political views, La Classe would like to express our support for a great initiative.

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