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Learning Visual Importance for Graphic Designs and Data Visualizations

A working group of 9 scientists (Cambridge, Harvard, Adobe) wrote and laid out an open-sourse program that can replace an eye-tracking.

In fact, this is a very significant event that will simplify the life not only for neuromarketologists, but for everyone who cares about the quality of any visual content.

This is a technology that records eye-movement. Here on La Classe advertising example are marked so called «fixation points» — areas in which the user’s eye is fixed for a longer time during image perception. Bravo to the intuition of Anastasia Shevchenko 🙂

As Alexey Filatov explained to La Classe, of particular interest there are the so-called «fixation points» — areas in which the user’s attention is delayed for a long time to process the perceived image. The process of moving the user’s sight between the fixation points is called a saccade. Fixing saccades and their characteristics makes it possible to understand what exactly «comes into the user’s brain» from what he looks at.

Modern eye tracking allows you to write a thermal map of visual content and evaluate where exactly the image or text concentrates the viewer’s eye. It is necessary to know this for the fact that, what we are looking at — is important to us, since this is what affects us.It is also important that we are not capable to manage the saccades consciously, and these parameters are today considered to be one of the most promising directions for the development of lie detection: during the lie their number and other characteristics are significantly changing.Under the link, you can read an article about how the program was written, look at the version about how it works, and, of course, try it on your own examples in the «demo» section. The program in real time shows the heat map of the downloaded picture and text, which you can adjust there as you wish!Well, just a dream for neuromarketologists, designers and webmasters!And for us, hospitality and client relations professionals, now it will be much easier to design manuals, fliers, cards, menus and other important informative materials to help our customers to be well informed and oriented in the information.Thank you, dear Mr. Filatov for this precious information and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Monaco soon. every good wish,La Classe team


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