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Le droit de grève et le droit à un débat - that's what one needs to know about French mentality toda

Today, on the 5thof December, France announced a nationwide strike against pension reform.

The national railway company SNCF has announced that traffic on TGV train lines will be reduced to 10%.

Air France canceled 30% of domestic flights and 15% of medium-haul flights.

Because of the teachers' strike, two-thirds of schools are closed. Power engineers, air traffic controllers and hospitals are on strike. Protests are held by police and court staff. Across France, 245 demonstrations are announced.

And in all of this, two main cross-cultural principles are striking in order to understand the mentality of the French and understand how to interact with them.

Today, for the average representative of French society, two fundamental rights are extremely important: the right to strike and the right to debate.

The second, incidentally, was recently deftly used by President Macron when after speaking about the Gilets jaunes(right to protest), he announced the “National Debate”. Such a wonderful manipulation of the collective unconscious.

French society is extremely revolutionary in its soul.

How to use this in order to be accepted by a French colleague for example?

The answer is simple. We should never speak out with closed statements until we know his point of view. The Frenchman does not tolerate this. It is extremely important for him that his opinion be heard and reckoned with. If in the future we want to show disagreement, I advise you to prepare the maximum number of logical arguments. Representatives of the French nation have been very sensitive to them, since the society, as you probably already guessed, is very Cartesian.

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