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How to enter the US market and succeed on the way to the heart of the consumer?

In America, skills of confident sales and a pragmatic approach are absolutely necessary to reach an ultimate success on the market. No need to be afraid to be straightforward, intrusive, annoying, no need to beat around the bush, but better to be talented and persuasive to sell hard.

All the concepts a-la “show me the money” and “sell me this pen” could not be born either in courtyard France or in sincere Russia. Directly “in the forehead” - this is American-style, even in television advertising the actors always look you in the eye, and advertising is difficult to define anyhow, but aggressive.

How to introduce yourself in the market? Simple, logical, strong, preferably with short slogans, snapshots. The American client is not able to perceive long clouds of information, for him it is not modern, and everything in America should be, first of all, modern and advanced.

As of traditional values, Americans are still responsive to love, family and, of course, patriotism. Remember the American anthem. By the way, we already wrote that, based on national anthem lyrics, you can say a lot about the cultural settings of a particular nation, about the cognitive attitudes of your potential consumers.

The American sees himself as an optimist, constantly demonstrates an elevated mood. For him, everything is always “okay”. The American is full of plans and sees the future in pink colours. He readily talks about what is happening around and easily draws conclusions.

The behavior of Americans is characterized by orientation to external effects, deliberation, even some theatricality. They strive to ensure that their actions are always presented only in a favorable light, often attributing themselves to unusual qualities and positive qualities, or even inventing spectacular events. The American needs to feel the center of attention.

Often, uttering a phrase, the American pauses, expecting the effect that his words should produce.Just copy this pattern of the communication and they will listen to you much better!

Moreover, they are largely suggestible, easy to persuade, take the position of an authoritative interlocutor and they will listen to you again.

The main drawback of the cognitive picture of the world of Americans is the presence of an overvalued idea, an assessment of oneself as the center of the universe. A long period of calm life has led to the fact that in the minds of Americans formed an idea of ​​themself as a special people - a people chosen by God.

The target audience of the advertisement should be still divided by origin: African-Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans.

African Americans love to shop. The main emphasis in advertising is placed on their social status: they have left their imprint on long slavery, reinforced in their minds the need for constant self-affirmation, confirmation of the status of full-fledged citizens of society. Therefore, African-Americans with a moderate consumer's power can buy goods from well-known manufacturers.

Turning to Latin Americans, advertising primarily seeks to catch the ideals of the family and traditions that are very significant for this target audience.

Advertising targeting Asian Americans does not highlight the personal benefit of using the product, but the benefit for the family or group. It emphasizes tradition, long experience. For this segment, it is not the price that matters, but the quality of the product. Not canned food, but real vegetables. Not cheap shops, but good branded stores.

There are very few Native Americans, and they live not extremely wealthy, therefore they are not the preferred target audience. However, Native American names and symbols are actively used in advertising, which lead to many debates in the society.


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