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The Korean Pali-Pali mentality

“Pali-pali” is the Korean’s constant desire to do everything quickly and effectively in order to achieve the greatest success.

Everything should be here and now.

For example in supermarkets there is suddenly a queue formed near the cash register. What do the Koreans do in this case? They eat purchased food right on the spot. All juices, pastries, buns. At the checkout they pay already for the wrappers.

Many people buy instant noodles and immediately cook it. In shops, by the way, there is always boiling water and microwave ovens. Pouring noodles with hot water, they often begin to eat it right there, without waiting until it becomes soft.

You can notice the rush at the doctor’s appointment, in the cinemas, when the audience runs away, without even waiting for the titles. In the subway and at bus stops, when locals jump out of the cars with wild speed or run after their bus number.

The Korean Pali-Pali mentality allowed an industrial revolution to take place within the country.


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