The Sussex's case and the Queen's coded speech statement from the cross-cultural point of view

Queen Elizabeth’s official statement says that she is “disappointed” with the decision of her grandson and his wife to step down as senior members of the royal family and move to live in North America. At the same time, the queen wants to facilitate the process of adaptation of the couple to a new life with the help of a certain "transition period".

Understanding the language of British officialdom and class society is not easy. The author of these lines more or less learned to disassemble it over many years of work in the field of cross-cultural communications.

When we start discussing the English mentality, one of the largest sections of the La Classe seminar is devoted specifically to the ability to understand the English coded speech of our customers.

- Would you like some more tea?

- I’m fine, thank you! (means NO)

In English, the phrase “What an interesting idea” to our proposal can only mean one thing: What a nonsense...

English restraint, stiff lip, is not a myth and it manifests itself in everything, and especially in utterances. The Queen, as the axis of British society and a visible symbol of selfless service to the people, is a role model from the statements of which one needs to learn.

Say, “disappointed” actually means “angry,” and the “transition period” should be understood as “the final decision will be ours, depending on how the duke and duchess will behave in the coming days, weeks and months.”

The words "Harry and Megan will remain members of my family" express not only the grandmother's love for her grandson, but also that the queen reserves the full right to intervene in their lives at any time if the higher interests of the Windsor dynasty require it.

Megan, with her American frankness (the most valuable trait of character of the American person what the British people would never understand), in several interviews from the very beginning made it clear that the Royal Protocol weighs on her and that she sees the main goal not as a public service, but as “self-realization”.

She did not understand the main cross-cultural difference: the hereditary monarchy in the age of democracy that triumphed almost everywhere exists only by the grace of its people, ready to support it. But they support it for the sake of one thing, and it has nothing to do with "self-realization" - this thing is the preservation and maintenance of "Her Majesty the Tradition" - the main value of English society.

Anastasia Shevchenko

Expert in the cross-cultural management

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