Why multicultural diversity awareness is one of the most important knowledge in service

We’ll tell you the fact from history of the relationships between Russia and America.

The Summit in Reykjavik was the second personal meeting of Mikhail Gorbachev and the US President Ronald Reagan. It took place in October 11-12, 1986 in Reykjavik, halfway between Moscow and Washington.

Despite the fact that they didn’t sign any documents there, meeting is considered as the first step towards the end of the Cold War era.

After the summit, president Reagan wrote to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: «The Russians do not want to fight, they want to win, threatening with nuclear weapons».

Gorbachev claimed: «Reykjavik is not a failure, but a breakthrough … We looked beyond the horizon».

The international status of Gorbachev has been strengthened.

But may we ask you, how do you think, was this fact the most important for a Soviet leader?

Sociologist, who cooperated with the American administration during the preparations for the Reagan-Gorbachev conference in Reykjavik in the 86th explained that the Soviet leader is waiting for the reaction not only of the American Admonistration but also of his own people.

Therefore, they’ve agreed that the Americans and Russians will agree on a level of reducing tensions, and there will be two official declarations.

Reagan will announce a compromise, and Gorbachev will be able to present the reduction of tension as a one-sided step of the USSR («We are strong enough to afford this pass back»).

To understand this, now, imagine that there are two toy castles — and a dragon with a human face.

From the first castle comes an unarmed paper man and offers the dragon friendship. The dragon burns it.

From the second castle comes a little man with a sword and enters into the hopeless battle — the dragon burns him.

Each castle canonizes its own hero.

After a century, the first man was seen by the inhabitants of the second castle as a coward who did not dare to take up arms;

The inhabitants of the first castle considered the man with the sword as the man without strength of the spirit to come out unarmed.

Yes, we are different and at La Classe we go much deeper than observation of each group from the standart point of view which you can easily find in Internet.

In our classes we have a lot to think about, to discuss and to understand.


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