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Why the bread plate is always on your left side?

There are different types of service.

1 — Service à l’assiette — this is when the dish is brought to you on a prepared plate. In this case, waiter puts it on your table place with the approach from the right side.

2 — Service à l’assiette cloche — this is when the plate is covered with a cloche. Almost the same system. The waiter approaches you from your right.

3 — There is Service à l’anglais. The waiter comes up with a tray and independently from this tray serves you food. In this case, he comes from your left side. Thus, keeping the instruments in his right hand, he does not hesitate to serve you.

4 — Service à la française — approach with a tray from the left side, but with the difference, that you help yourself.

Bread, as a rule, is served by the waiter also, from a tray, from a basket or from a large plateau. That’s why, considering that everything that requires shifting from one tray to a plate — has a left approach — that’s why the bread plate is initially and always located on the left side. For the convenience of staff.

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