• Include a clear, direct subject line.  
  • Use a professional email address. 
  • Think twice before hitting 'reply all. 
  • Include a signature block. 
  • Use professional salutations. ...


If it were that easy! 


Any written interaction we have with a potential employer, whether electronic, printed, or hand-written, is an opportunity for us to make a positive or negative impression.


It is also a chance to express our interest in a position or organization, offer the employer insight into who we are and what we have to offer, and to impress the employer with our communication skills.


Letters, business and personal, Thank you cards, Invitations, Reference letters - before sending one of those we have to consider so many things.


Train your correspondence skills with La Classe.


Endorsed Certificate of Achievement will be issued.


Do not hesitate to put down your demand in the dedicated field. 


We will answer to the demand in 24 hours to schedule an online meeting with Mme Antarès.


A meeting should take place within a week. 


We keep a right to decline a demand when it does not match hospitality business’ clear standards.



Rédaction de courriers officiels / commerciaux


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