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Dear colleagues,


Training La Classe Cards is an easy and excellent tool for the development of basic skills in the field of hospitality in a playful way:


1. Customer focus;

2. Soft Skills;

3. The art of effective communication and storytelling;

4. Oratory.


At La Classe, we realized in practice that in order to teach, you need to ask more questions and listen more. The “brainstorming” method has proved to be the most effective one.


These Cards can be useful to:

• professional trainers;

• consultants;

• directors of companies;

• HR managers;

• heads of departments.


An example of use.


We give out three cards to the participants and ask them to prepare a fifteen-minute speech on the topic of a card.

The speech should become a full-fledged speech, have a composition, be presented standing in front of an audience.

After each presentation, participants ask questions and discuss.

Soft Skills Training Cards