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“Welcoming an English-speaking Customer” training

Who Should Attend?

  • Retail outlets

  • Hotel reception personnel

  • Banking institutions

  • Insurance companies

  • Any sector seeking to enhance their customer service for English-speaking clientele.

Our program is designed to enhance your staff's confidence in engaging with English-speaking customers, addressing any hesitation or shyness in language use.

We provide comprehensive scripts for a variety of common scenarios, complemented by role-playing activities to ensure practical understanding and application.

Participants to classes learn crucial phrases and vocabulary to greet, assist, inform, and support English-speaking customers effectively. They also gain a deep understanding of the cultural expectations and etiquette preferred by English-speaking patrons, enabling your team to deliver service that feels both personal and respectful.

Our goal is to empower your employees with the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to interact with English-speaking customers confidently and competently. This training is not just about improving language proficiency; it's about building bridges of understanding and comfort in communication, ensuring your staff can provide a welcoming and efficient service.

Home Intercultural

To develop the ability to establish and maintain commercial relationships with foreign customers.

Soft Skills

Organize CUSTOMIZED training to gain confidence and to have the keys that will allow your teams to retain your customers.

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