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Tailor-made training courses to gain confidence in excellency.


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Intercultural Hospitality Experience Training

Help your teams welcome your customers, whether they come from the Americas, Africa, India, the Middle East, China, Asia or the former Soviet Republics. 

La Classe — PIONEER in training in intercultural customer relations in the hospitality sector.

Cultures and Traditions;
Building trust;
Service satisfaction. 

Organize CUSTOMIZED training that will allow your teams to satisfy your customers in terms of services.


The motivation of your teams;

International reception techniques;

Posture, Gesture, the Class;

Support and relational elegance;

Verbal elegance;

Human relationship and communication.

Gracious Communication

The training program explores in depth and detail the art of starting and maintaining a conversation  and  demonstrates intercultural differences,  covers over 100 topics and over 300 questions relevant to a successful conversation with a client.

Lobby d'un hôtel palace décoré dans un style français, avec des colonnes et décors en marbre, teintes d'or dominant.
Vue sur un restaurant emblématique monégasque avec une cabriolet blanche passant devant, mélange d'élégance contemporaine et classique durant l'été.

Rules of Behaviors
Social, Business Etiquette and Manners

Savoir-Vivre, Presence, the Class;

International Business etiquette;

Diplomacy and Protocol;

Gestures and Polite Conversation;

Table Manners;

Culture and Traditions.

Company Reception

We draw conclusions about the whole institution, the whole house, and not just the employee.  

As a training company approved by the FEDEM for reception techniques, Monegasque companies can benefit from a government retrocession of 30% on the total amount excluding VAT.

Contact us  and we will send you all the necessary documents.

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