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Panoramic view of Monaco, evoking a luxury welcome and symbolizing excellence in hospitality.
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The process of communication is deeply embedded in cultural habits. New intercultural contexts necessitate innovative solutions.




International Customer Service

Our Intercultural Hospitality program, both comprehensive and fully accredited, aims to enhance the capability to build and maintain professional relationships with international clients. This program is particularly suitable for professionals in the Hospitality and Private sectors, as well as Luxury Retail.

  • Duration: 7 hours

  • Format: In-person training


Team coaching: 
Global Mindset

Enhance team cohesion with our gamified support designed specifically for intercultural teams, fostering a 'Global Mindset' and spirit of openness.


Culture shock! Accompaniement

The class is designed to facilitate your smooth adaptation to a new culture, offering:

  • Support and guidance throughout the cultural adaptation period;

  • Assistance for expatriates;

  • International relocation services;

  • Family adaptation support;

  • Professional mobility assistance.

Available options range from brief cultural support to a comprehensive one-month private study period.


Manager's and HR's Solution

This 'Train the Trainer' course equips you to educate your team on Intercultural Awareness. Available both in-person and online, the course provides all essential materials and techniques for intercultural training. Participants will delve into key cultural concepts including:

  • Cultural expectations;

  • Building trust;

  • Service satisfaction;

  • International sales;

  • Human interactions.


Intercultural training:
Business Negotiations

Communication and Intercultural Understanding Educational Meeting, tailored to the unique aspects of your interactions, negotiations, and impasses.

Please, do not hesitate to schedule a complimentary Zoom call to discuss all pertinent details.


Classic Cross-Cultural Course for All

La Classe provides support and aids your teams in understanding and fostering close, productive relationships with partners and customers from diverse regions:

  • Asia,

  • Europe,

  • Africa,

  • Turkey,

  • the Middle East,

  • the former Soviet republics.

5 people around a table, following intercultural training for Monegasque business leaders, in the premises of the Monaco Economic Board.

The Director General of the Monaco Economic Board, Mr. Guillaume Rose, commended the intercultural training session led by Anastasia Shevchenko, highlighting the significance of intercultural education. He expressed confidence that the insights acquired during the session would establish a constructive atmosphere for the mission.

Monaco Economic Board

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