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Monaco Economic Board Fuels Intercultural Business Savoir-Faire with La Classe

The Monaco Economic Board (MEB) has proposed to its members a dedicated training session at MonacoTech. The session, meticulously designed for the upcoming economic mission to Riyadh, marked a significant step in preparing Monegasque leaders for the intricacies of Saudi Arabian business culture.


The training, delivered by Anastasia Shevchenko, was not just a mere cultural briefing but a deep dive into the specificities that define Saudi business etiquette. From understanding the value of patience to navigating formal and informal events, the session aimed to equip attendees with the practical tools necessary for successful first-time interactions.


This initiative by MEB is a testament to Monaco’s commitment to fostering a global business mindset among its leaders. It is a clear reflection of Monaco's forward-thinking approach to economic expansion, ensuring that cultural competence remains a cornerstone of their economic strategy.

Monaco Economic Board's Executive Director, Mr Guillaume Rose, praised the intercultural training session conducted by Anastasia Shevchenko, and expressed his confidence that the insights gained from the session would set a positive tone for the mission.



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