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Future stars of Hospitality

We’ve been honoured to held training sessions on the principle of free registration of BTS MHR students, as well as students in the STHR technological and MHR professional students at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco (LTHM).

Teaching methods were shared between active, affirmative, interrogative and deductive. This made it possible to maintain a participatory rhythm throughout of training.

The theoretical parts of the training were followed by practical situations under form of exercises. The participants became actors of the training action and have been thus integrated at the largest scale.

Each session was dedicated to a specific culture or group of cultures and, among others, we’ve considered such important nuances for the service as:

1. Intercultural expectations and behaviors;

2. The specificity of a VIP clientele;

3. Expectations from the service of the international clients.

We are grateful too the LTHM for the trust, accorded to us.


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