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Cultural awareness is in the top 10 most in-demanded soft skills today

Cultural awareness is in the top 10 most in-demanded soft skills today.

In 2018, we published the top 10 soft skills in 2018:

Here is a “top ten” list of business-oriented soft skills as compiled by Eastern Kentucky University:

1. Courtesy (Good manners, etiquette);

2. Flexibility (Willing to learn and accept new things. Open mind);

3. Integrity (High morals and personal values);

4. Communication (Ability in speaking, writing, presenting and listening);

5. Interpersonal skills (Sociability);

6. Positive attitude (Being optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, happy and confident);

7. Professionalism (Including good appearance );

8. Responsibility (Being resourceful and reliable, showing common sense);

9. Teamwork (Being cooperative, supportive, helpful);

10. Work ethic (Being loyal).

Soft skills today is a competitive advantage and topics that we are mastering in this channel - are initiated to advance.

Let's look how this list has changed in 2 years.

Soft skills today is the key to building an organizational culture. Relying on ones innate human qualities is something that robots cannot do.

On the first place in 2020 we see Growth mindset, which is based on lifelong learning, openness to change in the workplace. Skills such as innovation, critical thinking and emotional intelligence have also skyrocketed.

It is especially pleasant that Cultural awareness entered the top ten.

  1. Growth mindset

  2. Creativity

  3. Focus mastery

  4. Innovation

  5. Communication skills

  6. Storytelling

  7. Culture awareness

  8. Critical thinking

  9. Leadership

  10. Emotionalintelligence

Culturally yours,

La Classe


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