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Service tendencies in the European luxury hospitality industry in 2023.

In the European hospitality and tourism industry, an excellent and unique quality of service in 2023 can be defined by a combination of tendencies, that we’d like to present to you today in the fluid manner, as all of them are interconnected.

In brief, Professionalism in 2023 is manifested in:

1. highly knowledgeable approach and expertise ;

2. human touch ;

3. attention to detail.

Let's now assemble the puzzle.

Paying attention to every detail of the guest experience is necessary from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart, to ensure that every aspect of their stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

It may sound like an evidence, but constancy in service is an ultimate and rare "savoir-faire".

Human touch goes hand in hand with flexibility: being flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances, such as last-minute changes in plans or unexpected requests from guests – is one of the keys to satisfaction.

The trends in 2023 include much higher expectations for authenticity: offering an authentic experience that reflects the culture, history, and unique characteristics of the destination, rather than a generic or cookie-cutter experience.

Highly knowledgeable approach is necessary when offering personalized experiences to guests, such as tailored recommendations for activities and dining. Outstanding service is presented by an experienced (knowledgeable) personality, who can offer to client a wise and respectful advice, or even learning experience.

People with diverse expertise and cultural background are an essential asset in 2023.

Friendly Politeness is standing out in 2023. Courteousness in accommodating people from all over the world with remarkable ease and genuine respect at the same time, that's an art. Formal titles and honorifics when addressing customers should be naturally used at ease, quite casual and not at all in an artificial manner.

Fashion and cultural aesthetics – and that’s our favourite point from the 2023 list. It should be visible in many nuances, particularly in the luxury hospitality and fashion industry. Start being known for your attention to aesthetics and style. Present your products and services in an elegant and visually appealing manner. Take a pleasure in going above and beyond expectations to ensure customers are satisfied.

Satisfy an eye.

The capacity to anticipate the needs of customers in 2023 should be pronounced in style, with a slightly formal approach, but still in an easy manner. Sustainability and technology integration: incorporating sustainable practices in the hotel, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting local culture and economy goes hand in hand with high demand for the technology integration. Use technology to enhance the guest experience, such as providing digital check-in and check-out, keyless room entry, and mobile apps that allow guests to control lighting, food order and temperature in their rooms. Why do we put it in this list? We know that today many hospitality experts are worried that installing mobile application for ordering food online may kill the personal touch and the essence of hospitality: human care.

Leave a choice to your client while working on your Personal Brand.

That’s the Personal Brand that matters on the edge of changing epochs.

Sounds as an excellent plan for the service improvement in 2023, isn’t it? We’d like offering you our vision of how to empower your staff to provide that king of services on the routine basis.

Here are a few effective strategies that can be universally used: 1. Lead by illustrative example: Managers and supervisors should demonstrate the importance of attention to detail by paying attention to details themselves and by consistently providing detailed and accurate feedback to staff.

2. Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate the importance of whatever is important to you, can it be kind politeness, knowledgeable approach or human touch.

We repeat: set clear expectations for what is expected in terms of qualities.

3. Provide training and development: Provide staff with training and development opportunities to improve their skills, like Time Management Training (La Classe supplemental training program), Intercultural Customer Service Training (La Classe star choice) and other workshops (all available online and in presence).

4. Recognize and generously reward good performance: This is frequently missing, but it is necessary to recognize and reward staff members who consistently perform their best. Provide encouraging feedback when notice good performance. Actually, in any case, provide constant feedback to staff on their performance, highlighting areas where they are doing well and identifying areas where they need to improve. La Classe can help you here too.

The creation of a culture of continuous improvement – that’s the unique way to sustainability.

Encourage your people to identify areas where standards can be improved and provide opportunities for them to suggest and implement changes that will improve the overall customer experience.

5. Treat your people with care: Excellent people are treated humanely with care and dignity, and afterwords are expected to maintain an exceptional standard of services at all times. This is understandable that company image maintains its soft domination and invites everyone under its umbrella to adhere to its high standards. The same time your people should enjoy concrete benefits. Win-win relationships are crucial in 2023. The Quality is King and Queen of a customer satisfaction, but it’s true that it’s a broad, a complex and a multi-facetted process without final point of the destination. Ideal is unachievable and there is always a room for improvement. La Classe is there to support you on this winsome way to your client’s heart, peoples happiness and flourishing business.

With every good wish,

La Classe team


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