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Organizational individuality aims to properly understand what is central, distinctive and enduring for an organization.

La Classe passionately devotes particular attention to carefully reviewing and thoughtfully designing a practical manual of your corporate hospitality standards using organizational identity frameworks.

To sufficiently develop these corporate culture frameworks, La Classe explores present standards. Data collection typically includes qualitative interviews, focus groups and direct observations.

After clarifying the fundamental ideas, we develop a comprehensive manual on Organizational Identity Standards, so that all of your activities from order taking to customer service, are coordinated in accordance with the target standard.

  1. Sustainable development and successful implementation of a grand strategy (strategy established in connection with the vision and image of the company);

  2. The drafting of your new standard;

  3. Project management for the successful integration of the new customs, effective coordination through training;

  4. Quality management and continuous improvement approach.

Possible prices typically vary between 3,500 and 15,000 euros naturally depending on the specific volumes.


4, boulevard des Moulins, 98000 MC, Monaco

+ 377 678 638 288

Thank you !

This image depicts a team meeting where colleagues collaborate to develop their company's hospitality standards, fostering creativity and efficiency.
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