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La Classe Service for the World Cup 2018

As part of the 2018 World Cup, La Classe developed the “Hospitality Standard for the 2018 World Cup in the Russian Federation” for which nearly 1,000 representatives of the serving staff were instructed. The 2018 World Cup was marked by an unprecedented level of guest satisfaction. It is recognized as the most successful in the history of FIFA.

The Transport Directorate 2018 attracted 960 personnel members to provide efficient and comfortable services in 11 Russian cities hosting the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

And for the La Classe that was a great honor and a great responsibility to take a direct part in preparing for such an important event for the country.

The tasks were simple and understandable. To create an algorithm and tools for effective communication with the guests of the championship, considering that one-third of the passenger flow were foreigners.

First of all, we carefully developed the «Hospitality Standard of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation», which formed the basis for unique, adapted training programs for specialists. They were to serve half a million tourists and act as the face of Russia.

Every day the work on the standard of hospitality was of value. We understood that what we will be able to convey to specialists - will affect the indicators of customer satisfaction, and therefore the country’s rating after the World Cup, both in official structures and in tourist Internet forums, which largely determine the world tourist traffic.

Much attention was paid to Hospitality. The language itself carries contradictions. For example, the Russian language has no references. Therefore, Russian-speaking people who do not take into account this simple fact, may, not wanting to, seem disrespectful.

Yes, the language of a football fan is an international universal language and most likely their behavior will not be so outwardly different. Which does not mean that the internal perception and impression of the whole process upon returning home will be identical.

We all live in the 21st century, with the Internet, phones, clothes of similar brands. And in appearance it seems that we understand each other perfectly. But our basic education, cultural horizons, habits of listening, communicating information, attitude to the law, to the truth, interpersonal distance in communication can become a chasm or, if knowledge exists, help to find mutual understanding.

Jack Ma, the creator of the Alibaba Group, speaking in front of MSU students, described this very simply and easily: when we study another culture, we begin to respect it. When we respect it, its carriers begin to respect us. And then we can work together. Respect for another culture is the key to mutual understanding.

That is why we paid significant attention to Cross-culture. We have developed simple and easily applicable tools-knowledge about the motivation, values, interests and goals of the representatives of most countries of the world. It was about the peculiarities of countries, taboos and superstitions of the representatives of Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, China, USA, Iran, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Tunisia, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, Uruguay, Hong Kong, South Korea, Qatar and other countries.

Not to forget the work with objections. This part of the program was aimed at learning to quickly identify people who are ready for provocative and conflicting actions, as well as violation of discipline and rules for the carriage of passengers. We worked on strategies for preventing or resolving conflict situations. The author of the program, La Classe specialist Alexey Filatov, a psychiatrist, a candidate of psychological sciences, studied with the majority of specialists the field of emotional intelligence, conflict management and mediation.

The special training program was also developed for the employees of the call center, where La Classe presented in detail the techniques for conducting telephone conversations, telephone etiquette.

Now that the Ministry of Transport has created a long-term heritage in the form of improved transport infrastructure, La Classe was chosen to work with staff in the field of service standards.

Imagine: the elegance of the meeting, professional gestures, the language of hospitality, the culture of communication, etiquette of support, intercultural communication and the specificity of VIP clients. Features of the organization of the meeting and presentation of the site to representatives of different cultures; communication with representatives of countries participating in the World Cup.

The necessary competences received within the framework of La Classe training were aimed at improving the level and quality of service. That was a guarantee that the guests would receive the best impressions of the Russian Federation, which would certainly affect the responses in the press and the Internet.

With anticipation,

La Classe Team


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