Articulation exercises to practice

Young restaurant employees have a common feature — they do not pause at all in speech. Speech sounds sloppy, the dishes are not presented as they should be presented and the overall impression of the restaurant is reduced.

Next articulation exercises are great.

First, you need to relax the muscles. This is achieved by yawning and sweet sipping.

Then comes the time to moan. First we moan with unclenched teeth, but with compressed lips, then vice versa: with clenched teeth, but with open lips.

For the third time, we moan over our nose and relax our jaw, and the fourth one is completely relaxed.

After that, we take a passage of the text and begin to read it exactly according to the same procedure.

Here, already because of a fatigue, person starts to pause.

After all these executions — ask the employee to read any passage and marvel.

I guarantee you, if you do this set of exercises at least once — the result will be instant.

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