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Why UPSELL does not work?

Most hotels and luxury stores order Upsell training to increase sales. And here comes a surprise: there is a result, but not as obvious as they would like.

Not so long ago, I’ve had a conversation with the GM of a large group, and he answered me: “I will tell you honestly, I will pay for the training that will bring me visible money. Upsell sounds promising”.

Yes, it works well in McDonald’s. — Coffee, please. — Do you want a pie with raspberries or cherries?

It also does work well on a primitive level in a restaurant: “Would you like a water with or without gas?”

But at that moment, when the service is personalized, don’t we think that it is impossible to sell without knowing the cross-cultural patterns of behavior?


How to sell tomatoes to an American? You have to sell it Hard.

— Sir, these are the best tomatoes that grow in France. You should absolutely try them today. If you do not do this now, sir, you will regret it all your life.

With a Frenchman, would it work? I would sell, more likely so:

— S’il vous plaît, Monsieur, c’est à vous à choisir, mais si vous me permettez, cettes tomate…

Non-verbal, distance, style of speech, approach – all is different. “You need to adapt and feel” – the back office manager will tell me.

Yes. And it’s good that you know how. But not everyone knows how. Not everyone is so sensitive.

And La Classe is here to help. We give simple tools and scripts of communication and finding the right approach to people of different cultures. And of course, that increase and sensibility and profits.

Order now and money will come to you! +377 93 30 02 33


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