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About Guangxi — the brotherly principle

“Aristotle is an ancient Greek philosopher, and Russia has a special path.” Yes, indeed, our modern world is diverse and shows us different models of relationships. While studying the behavioral aspects within different cultures I suggest to pay attention to the following: even with China, we, Russians, can easily find something in common. China, the most ancient civilization that developed in the V – III millennium BC. e. and developed in isolation from other civilization centers, t

o this day lives apart, completely differently. The modern concept of friendship is something that easily unites Russians and Chinese. The Chinese have a similar principle called «Guangxi». Confucian family does not imply individualism and the development of logic, it involves blind obedience to the father and care for the younger brother. The state of Confucius is the same large family, where all people are brothers, and Jinping is the father of the nation. The principle applies to all levels of Chinese society: city, district, family. As a side effect — a low level of confidence in the alien. A Chinese person trusts his family members, then his closest friends (with whom he will deal in the first place), then his compatriots, and lastly foreigners. From there, the principle of “Guangxi — the brotherly principle” went. Aristotle opposed the state to the family, and he would call “Guangxi” a utilitarian friendship. Friendship for profit.


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